The Dreaded Rooster


Didn’t win the Powerball jackpot? It’s the year of the rooster. Someone cut you off in traffic? It’s a rooster month. Have a headache? It’s a rooster day. Got into an argument with the boyfriend? Rooster. Lost your credit card? Rooster. Cranky? Rooster.

Every time I have an out-of-the-ordinary day, I can’t help but run upstairs to check the calendar in my office that my mother has painstakingly labeled to indicate good days and bad (green = bad, as the image above indicates). In a year that was supposed to be auspicious for those born in the year of the rabbit, I’d give 2019 a score of seven out of 10. But according to my Mom’s astrology books and calculations, the passing of the current rooster month (Sept. 10–Oct. 8) will bring two months of luck for myself and my rabbit friends during the upcoming dog and pig months — so of course it’s hard not to be hopeful that she’s right.

Rooster Piss

My best friend, Kasey, who manages caregivers and group homes for the mentally disabled, is a fellow rabbit and has had a particularly rough month. While her job is ultimately rewarding, the incredibly hands-on role can get messy. Kasey is the only human in my life who has blatantly “shitty days” — where she has to deal with human feces or urine when one of the residents on her caseload can’t help themselves and there isn’t an appropriate staff member available to handle the situation.

A couple weeks ago, she found herself injured after trying to lift a 200-pound woman soaked in pee off the ground. Perhaps if you take anything away from this, it will be that when you’re having a terrible day at work (overwhelmed by calls and emails, facing a tight deadline, dealing with cranky coworkers, etc.), someone out there is having a worse one (and that we really should pay those who take care of the less fortunate more than we do).

When I mentioned Kasey’s bad luck to my Mom and asked why she thought something that terrible would happen on a goat day (in addition to the dog and pig, the goat is also lauded to be compatible with the rabbit), she simple shouted “Rooster, honey!”

Lucky Pups

Another interesting aspect of this luck business is that while myself and my fellow rabbits are supposedly having an awful time, my dragon friends (born 1988) should be having a blast since the dragon is compatible with the rooster. Personally, I think the last 20ish days or so have been mediocre — equal parts good and bad — but what month isn’t?

At the close of the rooster period, I’m will send out a quick survey to a handful of dragons and rabbits to uncover the luckiest and unluckiest moments of the past few weeks. Stay tuned.

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