Just My Luck


Since the year of the pig is just around the bend, it seems like the perfect time to reflect on the past 12 months. My Mama forecasted an auspicious year for rabbits like myself, and although I endured some serious obstacles, I can’t say that her predictions were incorrect. From marrying my longtime love (in a ceremony performed by best friend to boot) and watching my parents retire to buying a home, there were so many triumphs. But I also grappled with maintaining my cool through many of adulthood’s signature processes: supporting my parents as they struggled to transition to retirement, planning a wedding, securing a mortgage, finding the right home, moving … the list could go on and on.

Celebrating so many big moments and enduring all of the setbacks helped me realize that how freaking lucky I am and that fortune is really rooted in perspective. I don’t think I’ve ever so much love and support from so many people in a short 365 days.

Additionally, I watched wonderful friends undergo many difficult experiences, whether that meant watching a best friend move away (we miss you already, Amanda Breeding!), coping with turbulent work lives, just getting very, very lost (literally and figuratively) or enduring pregnancy in Las Vegas to attend a wedding (thank you, Amanda Filbin). Some of them were forecasted by my Mama to have good luck, while other were predicted to have poor luck — but all handled their fortunes with so much grace. I’m so thankful to all of those who always manage to support all of my endeavors and help me sort through my drama no matter what is going on their lives. Some of the really special ones will even graciously fill out a survey about their luck and experiences to help me with my silly blog, and I’m so grateful.

So bring it on, year of the pig! Nipa says it will be one of the best years of my life. This lucky lady is ready a with a full heart. More stories and recipes to come.

Happy Chinese New Year. Gong hei fat choy!


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