Fortunes for Charity: Need Some Answers?

Have you ever wondered what your Chinese astrological sign says about your personality, relationships or career? Or have you ever pondered what your birth date and time indicate about your life path? Or considered what the shape of your nose or length of your eyebrows says about you. Nipa Kaowthumrong is ready to provide some insight. My mama has studied Chinese astrology for nearly two decades and will conduct research on your sign to provide you with a thoughtful Chinese astrological reading (but most importantly — she is retired and has the time). 

Whether you want to know if you and your partner are a good match, what colors to wear to Vegas to hit the jackpot or if you should move out of your hometown to advance your career, my mother can supply some answers. And at a reasonable cost — all she asks is that you donate some funds to a charity of your choice and not insult her if the information she offers isn’t what you want to hear. For example, my short ear lobes are apparently a sign that I’ll never be super wealthy, though very content with my middle-class lifestyle, and she suggested that I draw in my eyebrows since their lack of depth specifies that something is missing from my life. Rough, I know.

Anyway, the insights are what you choose to make of them. You can take or leave the advice but know that fortune teller has the best of intentions. Plus, it’s a fun and easy way to gain different perspective on life for a worthy cause.

If you’re interested, email me at or fill out the contact on my home page. Be ready to provide: Your birth date, exact time, day of the week you were born and a photo (optional but will facilitate a more in-depth analysis). Specific questions you’d like answered are also welcome! Once you forward a receipt or proof of your charitable donation, we’ll send you a Word Doc of your reading.

Here’s to bushy eyebrows and long lives.



Legal fine print: Astrological readings are for the purpose of education and entertainment only. Authors shall have neither liability or nor responsibility to any person with respect to any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused by the information provided. The author is not engaged in rendering legal, medical or professional advice. If you need medical or legal advice, contact a competent professional.

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