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About Me

Until I turned 30 about four years ago, “brave” was never a word I’d use to describe myself. But as I make my way through adulthood’s joys and struggles, I’ve come to realize more and more that courage is a vital characteristic to leading a happy life. I’m inspired daily by the bold females in my life — and one in particular: my Mother.

While she’s just 4 feet and 11 inches tall (I’m a mere 5 feet), my Mama is the strongest, most courageous and complex soul I know. Her voice has a powerful quality that has always been a mystery to me (she always seems to sound like she’s raising her voice, even during everyday conversation) — perhaps it’s the tiger in her or a quality that she developed from all of her years fighting for a better life in Thailand and America. My Mother was also born the year of the tiger, the Chinese zodiac sign she believes has shaped her path in life.

And at 34, I’m still learning new things about my Mama and her journey, but there’s so much I don’t know. I’ve heard bits and pieces about her life in Thailand before she moved here with my brother and married my dad in the early ’80s, but she says her life story in entirety is worthy of an Amy Tan novel — a story I hope I can help her tell one day.

This blog is dedicated to her and all of the strength, encouragement and support (emotional and material) she’s given me throughout my life. Here, I share tales and insight into my personal journey of becoming a braver gal and all things I love, including recipes, stories and advice from my Mama that have come to shape my universe.

Thank you for reading.

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